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Why out source Accounting and HR?

​Outsourcing your bookkeeping alleviates the expense of an in-house full-time employee; saving the cost of payroll taxes and other employee overhead.  In addition to this, if you’ve been trying to do your books on your own, you’ll probably find that those in the bookkeeping business will do the same work faster and more effectively than you can do yourself. Additionally, If you’re not sending out invoices to your customers, you won’t get paid, plain and simple. You’re doing great work and providing value to your customers. Don’t let a disorganized and inconsistent invoicing system get in the way of your businesses success. Lastly,  your books are an accurate reflection of your business that you can use as a guide for making wise decisions, and they will provide you with regular, timely financial reporting.



Company Structure
We can help you decide what internal controls and structure is best for your organization.

CCG Accounting & 
HR Solutions


Bookkeeping &Accounting
We'll teach you and your company staff how to accurately keep records and run reports for internal and external use. 

Mission Statement:

Recognizing the needs within small business, CCG (Chloe's Consulting Group) Accounting & HR Solutions, was formed to address and assist business with their accounting and HR needs that are accompanied when business expand in growth. Chloe’s Consulting Group alleviates small business owners of extra hours, stress and frustration that goes with managing and acquiring part-time help. We work with you to help manage your office, so you can manage your business. We've been in the industry for over 20 years.  But, our greatest win is making you a successful, happy, life-long customer. 

Administration  of Human Resources 
Assistance with various Human Resource modalities. From payroll, employee file audit and maintenance,  project coordination to end of the year organization.

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